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Curb Appeal Ideas on A Budget

Garden City Realty’s Curb Appeal Ideas on A Budget

Whether you are selling your home, meeting the standards of your HOA, or simply looking for an eye-catching upgrade, sprucing up your front yard can be a way to add to your home value. There are so many projects, plants, and plans out there that will add to your home’s curb appeal. Garden City Realty has compiled a list of some of the most budget-friendly additions to add to your front yard. 

1. Throw A Fresh Coat of Paint Over Old Surfaces

Instead of installing new siding, replacing wooden railings on the porch, or getting rid of the old front door and buying a new one, consider painting them. Wipe the dirt off the wooden trim and the front door before applying a new coat of paint.

2. Use A Pressure Washer to Deep Clean 

From siding to sidewalks, the area in front of our house collects dirt like a magnet collects metal. That is why pressure washing is a great way to make your home look brand new again. There are many pressure washing services near myrtle beach. If you want to do the work yourself and save money, most hardware stores offer pressure washer rentals.

3. Install Hedges, Trees, and Flowers

It is true that the best place to be is where the grass is greener. Greenery turns your yard into a pleasant oasis. Try adding some shrubbery to beautify your front lawn. Some well-placed flowers can add life and color to an otherwise dull yard. Why should you add trees to your yard? There are several benefits, including a greener lawn and shade during those sweltering southern summers. Cheap plant nurseries near myrtle beach offer budget-friendly planting options. 

4. Landscape Maintenance

Curb appeal cost doesn’t have to ruin your bank account. Simple acts like trimming those hedges you installed and mowing the lawn can majorly upgrade your home’s curb appeal. If you are busy, then you might benefit from lawn maintenance services near myrtle beach. They offer free quotes and multiple levels of service so that you can stay within budget. If you are selling your home, it may be worth it to hire a one-time lawn clean-up service before listing. 

5. Add Front Porch Seating

Front porch sittin’ is a popular southern activity. This makes adding a seating area to your front porch an ideal way to add to your curb appeal. You can find some comfortable porch furniture at your local hardware store. If you are looking for some budget-friendly front porch furniture, try checking out deals on sites like Wayfair and Amazon. 

6. Add Outdoor Lighting

Imagine enjoying a glass of iced tea under the warm glow of your new porch lights while the sounds of summer in Myrtle Beach surround you. Updating the lighting in your front yard is a wonderful way to add character to your home. Whether you enjoy rustic or modern, there is a style of front porch lighting for you. There are many other ways to include front yard lighting in your curb appeal updates, including runway lighting and garden lighting. 

7. Update Old Hardware

When was the last time your house numbers were updated? How about your mailbox? Updating these bits of hardware is a quick and easy way to make your home stand out. Installing a new mailbox can upgrade your curb appeal. If you want to make your mailbox stand out, even more, consider sectioning off your mailbox and planting a mailbox garden. You can also replace old gutters and downspouts. Maybe you want to install copper gutters, or simply replace old ones with non-chipped ones. Either way, new gutters are a way to add clean lines and accents to your home. 

8. Add Outdoor Decorations

From lawn gnomes to stone angels, there are many outdoor decorations to choose from. Lawn ornaments are really a term that covers any kind of front yard decoration. There is décor for almost any style online and in your local hardware store. Looking to attract more wildlife into your front yard? Consider adding a birdbath or a birdfeeder. You can get a hummingbird feeder for cheap. Hummingbirds are a great way to add a magical element to your front yard—perfect for ramping up curb appeal. 

There are many cheap ideas and ways to add curb appeal to your home. With these tips, your front yard will receive an instant glow-up. If you are looking to sell your house soon, Garden City Realty recommends implementing a few of these changes to liven up your home’s curb appeal. 

Written by Katie Robison, blog contributor for Garden City Realty

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